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Aviation Software Since 1989

From Cessna 150 to Boeing 747, from R22 to Agusta A-139, we have a system for you no matter the size of your fleet.


We offer 7 different systems for flight operators and camo:

  • 3 technical management systems
  • 4 free-of-charge on-line systems
  • 01.

    Aerocom W-System

    Technical management for flight operators of any size


    Aerocom M-System

    Modular system for general aviation


    Aerocom S-System

    Free-of-charge technical and flight management for piston single engine operators


    Aerocom E-System

    Free-of-charge on-line system for reading EASA Parts


    Aerocom A-System

    Free-of-charge on-line system with daily issue of main documents from the aviation authorities


    Aerocom Y-System

    Free-of-charge on-line system for calculating the onboard equiment needed to regulations and flight operations


    Aerocom Q-System

    Free-of-charge on-line system for aviation technical staff to create and keep up-to-date work experience list



    One of the biggest management system available today for the flight operators offered, thanks to our agile organization, at a fraction of the cost compared to the main names in the aviation software world. Available in rent as well.

    Native web-based in Java, optimized for multi-department companies. Any kind of fleet, fixed and rotor wings, supported.

    In a single core, it comprises eleven modules for as many company departments:
    • engineering (SB/AD, MPD, component hard time and penalty, engineering order, A/C weighing, job cards)
    • CAMO maintenance planning (expiry list, work order, maintenance history, deferred items, publications, A/C documents)
    • maintenance 145 (work program, acceptance, staff assignment, staff digital signature, CAMO notification, W/R, delivery)
    • reliability(reliability meeting, despatch statistics, component reliability, incident analysis, alert system, investigation tools)
    • inventory (multi stock area, in-stock control, traceability, requisition, quotation, purchasing, unserviceable, documents)
    • flight operation (seasonal, monthly, weekly, daily planning, recording, statistics)
    • crew management (training, checking, flight assignment, turn assignment, flight fatigue check)
    • quality (auditing, MPP, technical staff report, certification authorization, concession, briefing, feedback, quality schedule)
    • training (plan, classes, room booking, device booking)
    • external company base management (technical requirements, staff turn assignment)
    • marketing (offer/contract for on-demand flights, maintenance services, spare part selling)
    • financial flow control (maintenance costs, spare part cost, budgets, extra flight costs, marketing results)
    • direct in-flight connection (crew messages, failure notification, events recording).

    One data input distributed to all. Oracle (C) database for a rock reliability and high performance even with hundred of concurrent users.




    Modular system to cover limited needs. Optimized for fixed and rotor wings General Aviation operators. Any combination of module possible: from one to four of any modules.

    Maintenance Work Report, Work Order with Work Package, Maintenance Program SB/AD, Hard Components, Extra Works, Defect Notification, Hold Item List, Special Tools, A/C Documents, Manufacturer and Company Publication, Document exchange with CAMO clients, Read only access for CAMO clients limited to their data

    Inventory Full Traceability, Loading, Unloading, In Stock Control, Minimum Stock, In Stock Expiries, among Stock Area Movements, Quotation Request to Suppliers, Purchase Order, Technical and Administrative Documentations, Repair or Exchange order, P/N Compatibility, creation of EASA Form 1, FAA 8130-3, DOT 24-0078, full management of Sustained Cost

    Flight Flight Request from Clients, Quotations suitable for on-line consultation and confirmation, Daily and Weekly Graph, Flight Recording and Statistics, complete Crew Management: Check, Training, License, Expiries, Fatigue, Defined Statistics and many reports

    Quality Full Auditing System, Company Capability List, Technical Staff Report, Certification Authorization, ARS Certification, Supplier Qualification, Man Power Planning, Issued Concession, Management Evaluation, Quality Briefing, Quality Inspection, Quality Report, Sub-Contract Control, Feedback System, Quality Expiries, Training Management, Authority Document Repository: Certificates, Audits and Mails

    Native Web-Based in PHP with MySql (C) database




    We at Aerocom believe that the piston-single-engine aviation is not only the first step for everyone to enter in the wonderful world of aviation. It is a piece of the culture of our time as well.

    Aerocom Systems are always tailored for the Transport and General Aviation flight operators. Today we want to offer our professional experience in aviation software to all the small aircraft and helicopter operators with the aim to help this industry for what we can.

    Aerocom S-System is a software system, usable free-of-charge for all the operators of piston-single-engine aircraft and helicopters. It comes directly from our major packages. In a single module it provides managements for:
    • maintenance planning and recording
    • inventory control
    • flight recording and statistics

    Take a look in our Demo system with demo/demoss at login page (read-only access. Use Firefox as browser) or download the S-System PDF brochure. If you feel that it can help your activity ask for installation at the this page. Only a small installation fee is needed for life-time License of Use.

    For this system too our professional services are available: training and technical support




    Aerocom E-System is a software system that allows you to read the EU/EASA Regulations/Parts/AMC/GM inside an Internet browser. It is available at the address . It can be used free-of-charge without registration.

    We could call it “Programming EASA Part” since each piece of text of the Regulations, Parts and AMC/GM is stored in a database, retrieved at the user request, elaborated and presented on screen with several useful attributes. First of all the text is coloured based on its amendment and you can easily check the different versions of the text as it was amended by European Commission or EASA.

    Secondly at the right side of the page that shows the item, there are up to five groups of link that actually allows you to read a Regulation or Part item even of a different Regulation or Part in order to make easy the consultation of a net of such a complexity that currently the European aviation rules are. Another feature offered to you is the ability to check the rules that were applicable at a certain date.

    A power search capability on all the available documents (currently 12 Regulations and 38 Parts) makes this tool unique and very powerful for the aviation technicians and crew members. A page of the definitions is also available.

    Click to open E-System or download the E-System PDF.




    Imagine a web site where you can find the information about the most important documents issued by the most important aviation authorities of the world; where you can check day by day which rule or directory has been or is proposed to be issued affecting your activity or which economical reports that help you in the definition of your Company strategy; a web site fully free-of-charge where you can download the documents directly from the authority web site, check historical data, search documents on key words, subscribe to be notified by e-mail on the new issues of the documents of your interest. All in just a single page.

    This is Aerocom A-System. You can access it with your browser at without any formality.

    Currently it monitors 14 authorities plus one private organization, IATA, and 25 document types for a total of 46 different combinations. The authorities taken in account are the most important in the world like FAA and EASA and those of the main regions that offer English version web site.

    The search capability is a powerful addition in this site since you can search inside more than 110’000 documents with key text that is compared with the brand, model and variant in our TCDS database.

    Click to open A-System or download the A-System PDF.




    It is an on-line system that helps the aeronautical technician to comply with European regulations regarding the equipment that must be on board during the flight.

    After having set the aircraft data important for the equipment, the program shows a table with two parts side by side: the flight operations to be selected and the list of the corresponding equipments that are needed onboard.

    Each time a flight operation is selected or deselected, the list of needed equipment changes accordingly.

    A PDF document of the overall table or of the equipment list can be obtained.

    If desired, the data of the aircraft can be saved for future checks.

    Click to open Y-System or download the Y-System PDF.




    It is another on-line system offered by Aerocom to the aviation community. In particular it gives to the maintenance and quality staff a tool for easily creating and managing the own experience list as official document of probation of the own skill, sometimes called MERL (Maintenance Experience Record Log) for the maintenance staff.

    The document can be automatically sent by e-mail from inside the system in PDF or Excel format.

    No cost involved, no formality other than setting an account. Full privacy guaranteed.

    Click to open Q-System or download the Q-System PDF.



    Systems deployed


    Aviation Documents indexed
    in A-System


    Pieces of text of 56 EU Parts and Regulations
    in E-System


    Total Code Lines of the
    Aerocom Systems

    Technical Support

    The technical support for the client of our systems takes the most important role among our activities. In case of system malfunction, troubleshooting and solution implementation have the priority over everything.

    Our strategy for support is based on e-mail messages, both as feedback in case of error sent automatically by the system and as way for the users to interact with us when advise or assistance is needed. In no case somebody at the phone responds asking you “ your PC plugged in?, is any light on?, etc.” The answer to your questions is well-thought-out, relevant and punctual, done directly by the responsible people of the system.

    The technical support always includes all the updates released for the licensed system, both for improvement and for bug fix. The technical support is the activity that, here in Aerocom, we are mainly proud of.