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FCL Decision 2019/005/R In Progress
ORA Decision 2019/005/R Loaded
DEF Decision 2019/005/R In Progress
ORO Decision 2019/005/R Loaded
DEF Decision 2019/007/R Loaded
ARO Decision 2019/007/R Loaded
DEF Decision 2019/008/R Loaded
CAT Decision 2019/008/R Loaded
SPA Decision 2019/008/R In Progress
NCC Decision 2019/008/R In Progress


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This list reports some discrepancies or inconsistencies in the E.U./EASA documents that, in our opinion, do not allow an unambiguous interpretation of the rules. For each one, Aercomsystem contacts the authority in order to get proper information. Eventually you can check how the issue has been managed in the system.
Part Document Authority Inconsistency Authority Info Loaded into E-System Fixed in
SERA Decision 2016/023/R EASA GM1 SERA.8015(g) refers to point (g) of SERA.8015 that is not present Loaded but not visible
DEF Decision 2015/012/R EASA GM12 has been introduced for the definition UPSET
PREVENTION AND RECOVERY TRAINING (UPRT) that is not in the definition list
GM12 not loaded
DEF Decision 2016/022/R EASA GM8 is added for the definition "COASTLINE" that is not in the list of definitions GM8 not loaded
M Decision 2016/011/R E.U. Appendix V refers to AMC M.A.704, but this AMC has been replaced by AMC1 M.A.704 Loaded as is
M Decision 2016/011/R E.U. The revised Appendix V to AMC M.A.704, at the paragraph 1.2.b refers to "Appendix I to AMC M.A.302(a) and M.B.301(d)". Appendix I instead refers to AMC M.A.302 and M.B.301(b) It is an omission. It should read ‘Appendix I to AMC M.A.302 and AMC M.B.301(b)’ Loaded with reference to AMC M.A.302 and AMC M.B.301(b)
M Decision 2016/011/R E.U. The revised GM M.A.201(i), M.A.302(h) and M.A.901(l) refers to GM M.A.201(i)(3), but we don't know GM M.A.201(i)(3) This is an omission. Mentioned GM was previously titled GM M.A.201(e). In the last changes to AMC/GM the text was renamed to GM M.A.201(i). This is the correct reference. Loaded with reference to GM M.A.201(i)
M Decision 2016/011/R EASA Appendix III is updated from "Appendix III to GM1 M.B.303(b)" to "Appendix III to GM M.B.303(b)", but we do not know GM M.B.303(b) As you could notice GM1 M.B.303(b) added by the ED Decision 2013/005/R was standalone GM, there was never GM2 M.B.303(b). Therefore at the last change the reference in the text of AMC/GM should have been changed to read ‘GM M.B.303(b)’. So, yes you should understand the reference to ‘GM M.B.303(b)’ as reference to ‘GM1 M.B.303(b)’ Loaded as "Appendix III to GM1 M.B.303(b)"
M Decision 2016/011/R EASA Decision deletes AMC M.A.708(c) at point 41), but anyway still links Appendix XI to the same AMC. We would like to indicate that before Decision 2016/011/R AMC M.A.708(c) included the text of the current AMC1 M.A.708(c) and AMC2 M.A.708(c). In the text introduced by the Decision 2016/011/R AMC1 M.A.708(c) refers to the ‘Appendix XI to AMC M.A.708(c) Contracted maintenance’ which could be interpreted that it relates to both those AMCs.

In any case we would like to thank you for these notifications and inform that we will review the possibility of renaming the Appendix XI to read ‘to AMC1…’

In relation to the designation of the Appendix XI itself we would like to inform that M.A.708(c) still requires from the CAMO the establishment of the written maintenance contract for CMPA or aircraft used for CAT or commercial specialised operations. Although the requirement for its approval by competent authorities was deleted from Section A, it is still required to be submitted as part of the application for the approval for Licenced Air Carrier in Section B under M.B.701(a)(4).

The intent is not to require the maintenance contracts to be submitted to the NAA for the operators other that licenced air carriers (e.g. SPO, NCC, etc.). In their turn the CAT operators (to be precise - licenced air carriers) still have to submit the contracts in accordance with M.B.701 as part of their initial application/change related to the new types. For operators other than licenced air carriers the NAAs shall approve the procedures for contracted maintenance as part of the CAME Part 3 and the contracts list should be presented in the in the CAME chapter 5.4., but contracts themselves will not be required as part of the CAME anymore. Of course all mentioned above is reflected in the published AMC/GM corresponding to the regulation No 2015/1536 (Decision 2016/011/R).
Appendix XI loaded as "Appendix XI to AMC1 M.A.708(c) and AMC2 M.A.708(c)"
145 Decision 2016/011/R EASA The text in GM 145.A.48(d) refers to "Appendix IV to AMC 145.A.35". Such AMC is not present and moreover Appendix IV in AMC/GM of Part-145 refers to AMC 145.A.30(e) and 145.B.10(3) instead. GM 145.A.48(d) should refer to the ‘Appendix IV to AMC 145.A.30(e) and 145.B.10(3) Fuel Tank Safety Training’. It is unintentional mistake and it will be corrected at first opportunity. Loaded with the corrected link to Appendix IV to AMC 145.A.30(e) and 145.B.10(3) Fuel Tank Safety Training
T Amendment 2015/1536 E.U. No item code in Section A - Subpart E For technical need, we have added code T.A.501 similarly to the other items
ORO Decision 2014/017/R EASA AMC1.ORO.FTL.120(b)(8) and AMC1.ORO.FTL.120(b)(9) refer to a non-existing respectively item (8) and (9) in ORO.FCL.120(b) Both AMC not loaded Decision 2015/005/R
M Decision 2003/19/RM EASA AMC.M.A.708(c) Appendix XI refers to a non-existing AMC.145.A.75 Loaded as it is
NCO Decision 2014/016/R EASA AMC1 NCO.IDE.A.120(c) seems to be introduced by Issue 2 but it is not mentioned in the Summary of Issue 2 Inserted anyway
CAT Decision 2014/015/R EASA Subject of AMC1.CAT.IDE.B.140(c)(1) seems to refer to CAT.IDE.B.150(c)(1) instead, even because item (c)(1) does not exist in CAT.IDE.B.140 It should be 150(c)(1) as it refers to the same subject of the corresponding implementing rule (knife for gas balloons). It will be corrected at the first opportunity. Inserted as AMC1.CAT.IDE.B.150(c)(1) Decision 2015/007/R
CAT Decision 2014/015/R EASA AMC2.CAT.IDE.H.290 seems to be introduced by Issue 2 but it is not mentioned in the summery of difference The AMC2 already existed in issue 1 of the Decision as AMC2.CAT.IDE.H.290(c). We only deleted the reference to paragraph (c) without mentioning it in the summary as it was considered an editorial. Inserted as for EASA instruction
CAT Decision 2014/015/R EASA Summary of Issue 2 lists:
13) amend GM1 CAT.POL.H.225(b)
but there is no GM1 CAT.POL.H.225(b) in the text
The correct GM is GM1 CAT.POL.H.225 where paragraph (b) of the GM (not the reference number in the title) was slightly modified in the reference to ICAO Annex 14. Again this is only an editorial. Loaded as GM1 CAT.POL.H.225
ORA Decision 2012/007/R EASA GM1.ORA.GEN.005 refers to a non-existent item GM1 not inserted
NCO Decision 2012/006/R EASA AMC1.NCO.IDE.S.120(b)(2) refers to paragraph (2) that does not exist in NCO.IDE.S.120(b)
AMC not inserted
NCO Decision 2012/006/R EASA AMC1 NCO.IDE.A.120(b)(3)&NCO.IDE.A.125(c) refers to paragraph (3) that does not exist in NCO.IDE.A.120(b)
AMC not inserted
ARA Decision 2012/006/R EASA AMC1.ARA.GEN.210(d) refers to paragraph (d) that does not exist in ARA.GEN.210

AMC not inserted
CAT Decision 2012/018/R EASA AMC2.CAT.IDE.H.290(c) refers to paragraph (c) that does not exist in CAT.IDE.H.290
AMC not inserted Decision 2014/015/R
ARO Decision 2012/016/R EASA AMC2 ARO.RAMP.115(b)(3) point (d) refers to non-existing GM2 ARO.RAMP.115(b)(2) Inserted as it is with brocken link Decision 2014/025/R
ARO Amendment 379/2014 E.U. Item (e) (iii) page 7 add some text in ARO.GEN.250(a)(9), but it seems related to ARO.GEN.250(a)(7) instead Updated ARO.GEN.250(a)(7) instead of ARO.GEN.250(a)(9)
ARO Amendment 379/2014 E.U. Item (e) (ii) page 7 replaces the text of ARO.GEN.250(a)(7), but the text seems to be quite the same of ARO.GEN.250(a)(6) instead Updated ARO.GEN.250(a)(6) instead of ARO.GEN.250(a)(7)
ADR.OR Decision 2014/012/R EASA Decision 2014/2014/012/R contains AMC1.ADR.OR.B.015(b)(9) but ADR.OR.B.015(b)(9) does not exist in Part ADR.OR Indeed this is an editorial mistake, as AMC1.ADR.OR.B.015(b)(9) whose content is about the aerodrome manual should be AMC1.ADR.OR.B.015(b)(8), as the relevant paragraph of the IR is (b)(8). Inserted as AMC1.ADR.OR.B.015(b)(8)
ADR.OR Decision 2014/012/R EASA GM1.ADR.OR.B.040(a);(b) point (f) refers to ADR.OPS.B.010(a)(1)(2) GM1.ADR.OR.B.040(a);(b) point (f) refers indeed ADR.OPS.B.010 (a)(1)(2) – as these 2 paragraphs make up the so called “level of protection” … Therefore, this reference is correct… Text unchanged. References to ADR.OPS.B.010(a)(1) and ADR.OPS.B.010(a)(2) separately
SPO Decision 2014/018/R EASA GM1 SPO.IDE.H.150 - point b) refers to non-existing AMC2 SPO.IDE.H.150 Loaded as it is
ORO Amendment 379/2014 E.U. ORO.AOC.125 - new words to be inserted into point (a)(1)(ii) not present in the original issue No words inserted
ORO Amendment 379/2014 E.U. ORO.GEN.120 - Point (d) is added but point (c) is not present in the original issue Loaded as point (d) anyway
ORO Amendment 379/2014 E.U. ORO.GEN.105 - New words are to be inserted after ‘declaration obligation’ that is missing in the original issue
New words inserted after 'certification obligation'
ORO Decision 2014/003/R EASA AMC1 ORO.FTL.120(b)(8) and AMC1 ORO.FTL.120(b)(9) - Reference to non-existing Part item The mismatch you found in the AMC to ORO.FTL.120 is an editorial mistake, which will be corrected in the near future. Where the title reads AMC1 ORO.FTL.120(b)(8) it should read (6) and where it reads AMC1 ORO.FTL.120(b)(9) it should read (7).
The subtitles, however, are pointing to the correct rule paragraph.
Loaded as for EASA instruction Decision 2015/005/R
145 Decision 2011/002/R EASA GM 145.A.70(a) - Last paragraph "When an organisation is approved against ..." is shown as belonging to point 9.
In the first issue Decision 2003/019/RM it was point 10
Moved to point 9
66 Decision 2010/002/R EASA AMC 66.B.105 - Paragraph 4 deletes twice -66.A.30(a), but the second one was -66.A.30(d) in Decision 2003/019/RM Updated anyway to 66.A.30(a) Decision 2012/004/R

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