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Aerocom System

AEROCOM Systems are specialized software applications and on-line aviation services produced by Aercomsystem Sdn Bhd for the needs of the aircraft and helicopter operators.

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W-System is one of the best Enterprise Resource Planning system available today for the flight operators: technical managements (engineering, fleet scheduling, maintenance 145, reliability, inventory control and purchasing), flight operation (seasonal, monthly, weekly, daily planning, recording, statistics) crew management (training, checking, flight assignment, turn assignment, flight fatigue check), quality (maintenance 145, OPS), training (plan, classes, room booking, device booking), external company base management (technical requirements, staff turn assignment), marketing (offer/contract for: on-demand flights, maintenance services, spare part selling), financial flow control (maintenance costs, spare part cost, budgets, extra flight costs, marketing results), direct in-flight connection (crew messages, failure notification, events recording).

All this in an single integrated package with unique input and full but controlled distribution of the data among departments.

Aerocom System represents one of the best offers about aviation software you may find in the world . These are the reasons why:

  • 3 different systems for 3 different targets

  • 2 free-of-charge on-line systems
  • state of the art technologies: real web based (no terminal server), multi environment, Oracle ® database

  • 25+ years experience, one fourth of century

  • high number of clients, hence huge feedback for high quality and reliability

  • high scalability of prices: from free of charge to very high. Possibility to rent as well

Comparison chart outlines the main features of every system

Take a look at the system that best suits to your organization or at the service that can be useful for your work


W-System - for passengers and cargo scheduled flight and major General Aviation operators

M-System - modular system for General Aviation operators of any size


S-System - Technical software for the  piston-single-engine operators


A-System - Aviation Authority Documents (open - PDF)

C-SystemAviation Accident Follow Out  (open - PDF)

E-System - Look at & Search in EASA Parts (open - PDF)

Systems delivered so far: 150