Aerocom System


Imagine a web site where you can find the information about the most important documents issued by the most important aviation authorities of the world; where you can check day by day which rule or directory has been or is proposed to be issued Document boxaffecting your activity or which economical reports that can help you in the definition of your Company strategy; a web site fully free-of-charge where you can download the documents directly from the authority web site, check historical data, search documents on key words, subscribe to be notified by e-mail on the new issues of the documents of your interest. All in just a single page.
This is Aerocom A-System. You can access it with your browser at

Actually it monitors 12 authorities plus
Authority Listone private organization, IATA, and 31 document types for a total of 76 different combinations. The authorities taken in account are the most important in the world like FAA and EASA and those of the main regions that offer English version web sites (the language is the reason why Russia and China are not present).

Data are updated daily by our base in Malaysia during the working time of Kuala Lumpur/Singapore time zone (+8 compared to GMT). The dates in the column Published are the date of recording the news into our database, not the document date of issue. There could be one day difference for recording by A-System staff, or a couple of days in case of weekend, or more days in case of delayed publication by the Authority in their web site. Official beginning of recording was 1st January 2013.
When you open the page, by default you get the documents recorded in the last 7 days. The issuing authority is easily recognizable by its logo or country flag and its name in the first row of the document box. Just below the authority's name, the document type is shown with, if provided in the document, code, aircraft type affected and subject. At the right side there is an icon that allows you to download the document or access the related authority web page (usually when there are many links).
At the left side a powerful system of filters is provided for your convenience in order to limit the list on the authorities and documents of your interest. You can select one or more authorities, one or more document types and one period of time. Any combination of these filters are allowed. Please keep in mind that selecting Any Day without any other filter implies to load a great number of records.
Search field at the top over the main part of the page allows you to filter the documents in the page on key words. For example, if you insert Boeing you see all and only the documents with this word in aircraft affected or in the subject text.
The documents can be viewed in different pages as for your preference. You can choose 10, 25, 50 records per page or all the records in a single page with All option. At the end of the page a simple menu allows you to navigate in the pages.
Use Subscription page if you like to be notified by e-mail every time a new document of the wanted authority/document type pair is recorded into the database. At any time you can update or remove your subscription simply going to the sameAdvice page and keying the mail address set for the subscription. In any case you can activate, modify and remove your subscription through a confirmation e-mail sent by the system to the provided mail address.
Any advice on missing documents is welcome in the perspective to offer the service to the aviation community at the best possible level of quality. If you have an advice to do, please feel free to use the Advice form to inform A-System staff.
For any other message you want to send to A-System staff, use the form at Contact us page.

We at Aerocom really hope that you will find this professional tool being
useful for your business.